Ellerstina and La Aguada vying for zone B honours in Hurlingham Open

World’s longest standing Open returns to its natural venue this weekend for semi-finals

Abierto de Hurlingham

Ellerstina15 -

7 Magual

Abierto de Hurlingham

La Aguada24 -

14 Indios Chapaleufú II

Abierto de Hurlingham

La Dolfina12 -

6 La Aguada Las Monjitas

Abierto de Hurlingham

Alegría12 -

9 Miramar

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Fulfilling a dream

The first outing of the Alegría team in the Hurlingham Open, against La Aguada Las Monjitas, was a tough test. Although the line-up is well consolidated and is without any doubts the third team behind La Dolfina and Ellerstina, it faced the challenge of an outing for the first time without Fred Mannix on the field, with Triple Crown series newcomer Alfredo Cappella Barabucci as his...

Following his La Natividad team’s non-qualification, Lolo Castagnola waves goodbye to Argentina’s Triple Crown

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At long last, the finals of the La Plata Open

After three rain-swept weekends, Lavinia claims 6-goal trophy and Los Fuegos the 2-goal one

The Challenger 650 jet sets new standards in value and in-flight experience

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