Hublot Polo Gold Cup Gstaad: 13th - 16th August 2015

Celebrating 20 years of high-level Polo in Gstaad!

121° Abierto de Hurlingham

La Dolfina18 -

15 Ellerstina

Abierto de Hurlingham

15 -

7 Magual

Abierto de Hurlingham

La Aguada24 -

14 Indios Chapaleufú II

Abierto de Hurlingham

La Dolfina12 -

6 La Aguada Las Monjitas


New edition of Singapore Open begins

The TATA Communications Singapore Polo Open Tournament kicked off this Tuesday (May 19th) at the Singapore Polo Club, with teams of a handicap of up to 10-goals taking part for the first time here. There are three teams competing in the event, in a round robin format, each day. On the first day, Headhunters/Elevation won in its two outings, K2 Polo Nirvana won once, and First Aurora lost both its...

El Remanso and Somerton, the day’s victors in Queen’s Cup

King Power Foxes and Zacara, victorious on opening day of leading English tournament

Six wins on the trot for Clemente Zavaleta and team in Tournoi de Printemps

World Polo Ranking

  • 1

    Adolfo Cambiaso

    1121 pts

  • 2

    Facundo Pieres

    869 pts

  • 3

    Juan Martin Nero

    758 pts

  • 4

    David Stirling Jr. 736 pts
  • 5

    Pablo Mac Donough 719 pts
  • 6

    Gonzalo Pieres Jr. 687 pts
  • 7

    Nicolas Pieres 514 pts
  • 8

    Guillermo Caset Jr. 807 pts
  • 9

    Pablo Pieres 506 pts
  • 10

    Mariano Aguerre 476 pts