Dos Lunas and Ayala, the latest high-handicap victors at Sotogrande

Low-handicap Bronze Cup begins with three matches on the day

121° Abierto de Hurlingham

La Dolfina18 -

15 Ellerstina

Abierto de Hurlingham

15 -

7 Magual

Abierto de Hurlingham

La Aguada24 -

14 Indios Chapaleufú II

Abierto de Hurlingham

La Dolfina12 -

6 La Aguada Las Monjitas


Now it is Spain’s turn

Having played during this season in America and in England, the world’s leading players are now preparing to renew their title hopes on Spanish soil, prior to travelling to Argentine for the end of season high-handicap series’ in that country. The 44th Torneo Internacional Land Rover de Polo is due to begin this Tuesday (July28th) at the Santa María Polo Club, with the Silver...

England defeats South America in classic duel at Guards Polo Club

Lía Salvo and Mía Cambiaso stand out in Ladies’ Championship of Spain

World Polo Ranking

  • 1

    Adolfo Cambiaso

    1121 pts

  • 2

    Facundo Pieres

    869 pts

  • 3

    Juan Martin Nero

    758 pts

  • 4

    David Stirling Jr. 736 pts
  • 5

    Pablo Mac Donough 719 pts
  • 6

    Gonzalo Pieres Jr. 687 pts
  • 7

    Nicolas Pieres 514 pts
  • 8

    Guillermo Caset Jr. 807 pts
  • 9

    Pablo Pieres 506 pts
  • 10

    Mariano Aguerre 476 pts